About Us - SIP Panels Manufacturer
The founders of SIPS UK have over twenty eight years experience manufacturing composite panels, from exotic carbon fibre with honeycomb cores to rather low tech truck bodies. Approximately twenty years ago we were involved in the manufacture of the first structural insulated panels in the UK, designed specifically for the building industry. Then thirteen years ago, in conjunction with Siptec, we erected what may have been the first SIP building for habitation in the country.
Through working with a number of other SIP panel manufacturers over the past thirteen years, we as a company have seen the mistakes and pitfalls made by others and are in a unique position to redeem these problems within our company.
With our vast experience and industry knowledge we provide a one-stop shop facility allowing us to tailor a build package that ideally suits every client's requirement. SIPS UK are at the forefront of offsite and fast track building systems. We employ modern methods of construction (MMC) whilst manufacturing all of our SIPs systems in house.

We appreciate that SIPS are a relatively new innovation and that clients who have never used SIPS before are naturally sceptical. At Sips UK we have the patience to listen to our client's brief and to assist where required, thus enabling you to make an informed decision as to which solution bests suits your particular project.



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