Beginners guide
If you are new to using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) our informative beginners guide should help you to understand how this system can work for your project.
Firstly you will need to decide on a budget for your project and arrange your mortgage. Before purchasing your building plot make sure that it has been granted full planning permission.
In order to take full advantage of our off-site knowledge and experience, we encourage the early establishment of a dialogue with your professional team. By giving full consideration of the potential of off-site techniques at the initial project planning and design stage, it is usually possible to deliver significant cost and time benefits for the project as a whole. Our structural engineer will work closely with you and your architect to create a set of panelised drawings and a structural solution for your build.

After your completed plans have been submitted to the Local Authority Planning Department and planning permission has been granted, Sips UK will manufacture your panels to your specification. Our building system is manufactured in a factory controlled environment under stringent manufacturing conditions using modern methods of construction (MMC).

You will need to apply for utilities like water, electricity and gas. It is advisable to also arrange insurance cover for the site.
Sips UK work in conjunction with a number of building companies who would be happy to look at offering a turnkey solution to your project. Alternatively you can employ your own tradesmen to complete the project.
Once the site has been cleared, mark out the site. Dig out trenches for drainage and foundations then pour the concrete, ensuring that the level tolerance is no more than +/-5.
Sips UK will deliver your panels to the site and these can then be constructed. Your building is now ready for the follow on trades (both inside and out) to complete the build to your specification.

After sign off by the Building Inspector, you are ready to move into your new property.


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