Proven concept
It is widely believed that Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) were first used in North America in the early 1950's. Early pioneering work on SIPs took place in the United Kingdom in the early eighties by Tony and Nigel of Siptec, with the first SIP building being constructed in the UK a few years later.
At the present time some 50,000 SIP buildings are constructed in the US annually whilst here in the UK the figure is in the region of 1000.
Ever increasing and constantly changing Building Regulations are calling for greater U values and air tightness. As self builders and developers strive to find economic and energy efficient alternatives to the more traditional methods of building in order to meet these demands SIPs are beginning to make a bigger impact within the construction industry and these figures are set to rise.

The way we build houses is also beginning to change, with more offsite construction SIPs are rapidly becoming one of the most innovative building materials of the future. Developers are already specifying SIPs as a means for achieving Code 4 and 6 for Sustainable Development. Many in the building industry believe that SIPs will become tomorrow's timber frame.



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