Complete supply solution (one stop shop)
From the initial contact with Sips UK our staff will work closely with you and/or your design team to ensure that your specific project requirements are met, whether you want a Garden Office for self assembly or a 4 storey Hotel qualified by a structural engineer.
Our design team will take your drawings or ideas and, using the latest SIP design software, convert them into a 3 dimensional model from which a set of manufacturing drawings will be produced. We can provide a full pack of detailed drawings that may be required to satisfy building control.
Sips UK are not a process partner or sales agent for a larger organisation and are therefore in total control of the supply chain. We are not reliant on third parties as part of the manufacturing process.
We only contract fully trained and approved construction teams to ensure that the building is constructed correctly to tight quality controls. Our operatives have all undertaken CPCS, IPATH and CSCS certification in order to comply with CDM procedures.
Our erection crews are well used to quick build schedules and work to a generic method statement and risk assessment. However, a job specific method statement and risk assessment will be produced if required. The site foreman carries out weekly toolbox talks and progress meetings.
Fast track (speed of build)
Time and cost assurance
A five bedroom house can be built on a plot only considered large enough for a 3 bedroom house by using SIPs to create rooms in the roof for virtually no extra cost.
The SIP frame is constructed in our factory under strict quality controls reducing the amount of work carried out on site, enabling a fast track build process that reduces construction time considerably.
Due to the relative lightweight nature of SIPs, lighter weight foundations can be used reducing costs.
SIP structures can be erected as much as 60% faster than a traditional building; this method of construction is hardly affected by adverse weather conditions, so all year round construction is possible.
Once the structural shell has been erected follow on trades can be in the next day. This avoids the long wait usually associated with brick and block.
Due to the speed of build onsite labour and costs will be dramatically reduced.
Defects are greatly reduced due to precision engineering in a factory controlled environment.
Accidents are kept to a minimum as only qualified teams are used.
Offsite manufacture results in less onsite waste disposal as only the required material is brought on site, reducing the cost of waste disposal.
A faster build program will reduce overall onsite costs due to reduced project management, cost of hiring scaffolding, plant, temporary accommodation, safety and security equipment, giving earlier cash recovery, improved cash flow and increased capacity.
Easier to predict completion time, easy system to erect and requires no wet trades.
Unlike tradition brick and block building materials, SIPs are a bespoke panelised building system and due to their size are unlikely to be damaged or stolen.


Flexibility in building design
Our approach to the design process is based on a philosophy of collaboration with the client and integration with their professional team; with the added benefit of providing a total design service if required.
By combining our vast experience, our commitment to innovation and the comprehensive range of MMC technologies that we are able to exploit, we have the ability to deliver exceptional flexibility in building design. Architects and our own designers can create unique and innovative buildings that can utilise new materials and respond to individual customer needs and aspirations enabling creative thinking that takes building design far beyond the box.
The application of our intelligent approach, and the flexibility of offering seamless integration with different off-site construction technologies, allows us to tailor your solution to provide absolute best value and meet your needs and performance specification exactly.
In order to take full advantage of our off-site knowledge and experience, we encourage the early establishment of a dialogue with your professional team. By giving full consideration of the potential of off-site techniques at the initial project planning and design stage, it is usually possible to deliver significant cost and time benefits for the project as a whole.
The Sips UK building system can be used to construct virtually any form of building from Garden Office to Hotel, contemporary or traditional, external finishes can be traditional or modern.
Due to superior insulation over traditional building materials the overall wall thickness can be reduced resulting in increased living space for the same overall building footprint.
By eliminating conventional trusses SIPs can provide additional warm living space in the roof.
Our standard range of panels from 100mm to 150mm in thickness offer U value returns of 0.27 0.17W/mk. Thicker panels can be manufactured up to 250mm in thickness giving a return of 0.1W/mk.
Where a room in the roof is not required a truss roof can be specified.
Panel set out drawings and erection manual are sent out as part of the SIP building kit.
A project manager can be assigned to liaise with the main contractor during the erection process.
Build strength
SIPs are lightweight (approximately 25Kg/m2) making them easier and quicker to assemble on site. However SIPs are also noted for their superior strength. SIP buildings are capable of withstanding extreme climate and weather conditions.

Once completed, a SIPs structure forms a monolithic shell which is up to seven times stronger than a conventional timber frame structure. This provides a building with a very robust and solid feel which can be indistinguishable from a traditionally constructed building once complete. Heavy foundations are not required, once again reducing cost and time.


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