The System
Sips UK panelised building systems (SIPs) are used in the construction of virtually any type of building from a simple garden office through to executive homes or four storey flats and hotels. These panels are incredibly strong and can be used for both the load bearing and non load bearing walls of almost any building.
Sips UK panels are manufactured in hydraulic presses by pressure injecting polyurethane foam, which during the polymerisation process auto adhesively bonds to the faces of OSB3.

We manufacture the following systems:


Our building system works well with the combination of a number of other building materials:

  • SIP panels for the walls
  • Pozijoists for the intermediate flooring diaphragm or flooring cassettes
  • Hollow core flooring systems for hotels and apartment blocks
  • Standard trusses or attic trusses where SIPs would not be a viable option
  • Glue lam beams and frames used in conjunction with SIPs roofing panels


All timber used in the manufacture of our panels comes from PEFC and FSC sources.

The polyurethane foam core material that we use is blown using Pentane and has a zero ODP (Ozone Depletion factor) it also has a low gwp (global warming potential) of below 5 on the BRREAM scale, we believe that currently we are the only company in the country currently with a GWP of below 5.


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