Offsite modular building systems (the only way is up)
Based on the large format panel system Sips UK have developed an offsite modular building system that can be used for virtually any form of Pod building. 
Sips UK Pods can be used for bathroom or kitchen units which can be used in the manufacture of multi occupancy buildings such as flats or hotels. We also manufacture larger sections that can be linked together to create affordable homes, classrooms, hospital wards, holiday chalets and rooms on roofs. 
Our large format panels are used to create boxes not dissimilar to refrigerated truck bodies. These units are delivered to site as single stand alone buildings or are joined to make larger sections.
Modular buildings will have a minimum life expectancy of 60 years and can cut project build time by as much as 75% which can result in earlier occupation and improved cash flow.

In many inner cities the only area for expansion is to build upwards. Given that a modular SIP structure is relatively lightweight these pods can simply be craned on to the top of an existing building without major structural adjustment.



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