How much do SIPs weigh?

Depending on panel thickness SIPs weigh between 18 and 25kg a square metre.

Are the panels structural?

SIPs are used for the load bearing walls and as 1.2 metre wide rafters for the roof. They are up to seven times stronger than a traditional timber frame building.

What is the U value of a SIP?

Depending on panel thickness the U value ranges between 0.27w/mk and 0.1w/mk for a panel range of 100mm to 250mm in thickness.

Do SIPs need a vapour barrier?

Not so long as the panel joints and connections are protected against moisture ex. filtration. We do recommend that areas of high humidity be lined with a vapour barrier or foil backed plasterboard.

How much does it cost to build with SIPs?

As a general rule of thumb SIPs cost approximately 1% more than traditional methods, however the energy saving benefits soon make up for the difference. The speed of build also reduces on site time.

Do SIPs come complete with windows and doors?

The panels arrive as either a numbered kit or as entire elevations with all the apertures prepared ready to accept the opening furniture.

How is the wiring run?

This is usually hidden behind the plasterboard in a service void area. In some of the larger jumbo panels conduits are foamed in place in which the wiring is fed.

How are the panels connected to one another?

SIPs are placed over a bottom sole plate and are connected to one another with either timber or OSB splines. A top plate is then fitted to complete the ring, all joints are glued and nailed.

How are SIPs finished?

You will use exactly the same finishes as for any other type of build; plasterboard will be used to finish the inside. The exterior will be finished with any of the following, brick, brick slips, timber cladding, tiles, or CPB (cement bonded plasterboard) which can be rendered.

What is the fire rating of a SIP?

Just like timber frame structures SIPs need to be protected with either one or two layers of plasterboard which will give between and 1 hours protection.


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