Flat pack (kits) - Garden buildings/Annex's
For many years Sips UK Ltd have manufactured garden building kits for numerous garden building companies as well as bespoke designs for our one off clients.
We will still continue to manufacture bespoke designs for those clients who want their own design manufacturing and have now decided to manufacture a range of our own kits which are to be available shortly off the shelf for the end user to erect themselves.
The range will consist of the following designs.
They will be expandable by 600mm increments with the only size restraint being the spanning capability of the roof panels.
The floor and walls will be constructed using our 100mm panel system; thicker panels can be supplied giving greater thermal performance if required.
The roof will be contructed using our 150mm panel system; in the case of the Milford a glue laminated ridge beam will be supplied, a timber beam and post will be supplied to support the roof section over the door opening.
These kits will comprise the following:
  • a set of assembly drawings and construction manual
  • numbered panels and connecting timbers for the floor
  • numbered panels and connecting timbers for the walls
  • specialist screws to secure the corner and roof panels
  • special foaming glue for the joins
  • breather membrane for the walls
Timber bearers and plinth system can be supplied if required to sit your chosen building on if required.
Whilst we do not supply cladding timbers, doors or single ply membranes we can advise where they can be purchased.

(click onto image for larger view)


External Measurements

Mono Pitched Roof

Pitched Roof

Curved roof





2.6 x 3.6




3.8 x 3.6




3.8 x 4.8




3.8 x 6




Please note prices are ex-works and do not include VAT.
If you do not see the size you are looking for then please ask as we are usually able to tailor a package to suit.

Please click here to download the above information in PDF format.



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