Recent large roofing contracts
In April 2011 Sips UK completed two large roofing contracts. The first was on the side of a hill at Wargrave overlooking the River Thames, with the second at Henley-on-Thames. The two projects ran side by side and were completed within a few days of each other. Unusually, the sites were in the same area, being only 5 minutes apart and within view of each other.


Project One
Mr and Mrs Inglis initially approached us some 5 years ago while planning their self build project. After giving careful consideration to the design of their new house they decided to use an insulated formwork system for the walls and chose Sips UK to supply and fit the SIP roof.

The roof was fairly complex and our design team spent many hours with our client to ensure that their requirements were being fully met before the plans were drawn up for the manufacture of the roofing panels.
Regal Carpentry was chosen to install the panels and handled the complexity of the design extremely well, completing the task on time to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Both customer and project team were extremely happy with the finished result. This project is one of the largest self build roofing projects that we have supplied to date.
Project Two
The second project to be completed was for Marlow Building Company Ltd. at Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames. This project required Sips UK to supply and fit a curved roof to two blocks of flats. Once again Regal Carpentry of Bedford were contracted to carry out the installation of the roof and the project was successfully completed on time.

A meeting at the site was carried out at the end of the project between the Sips UK Managing Director, the Regal Carpentry Contracts Manager and a representative from Marlow Building Company Ltd., and all were pleased with the way the project had gone and very happy with the end result.

To date, this is the largest curved roof that Sips UK have ever supplied.


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