Fortescue Avenue, Hackney

Sips UK were approached by 410 Architects with one of their projects situated in Fortescue Avenue, Hackney in Central London. The project required a curved panel that could be fitted to the rear of the property, where the building began as a wall and finished as a roof.


After initial consultations with them we were chosen to do the work as we showed that we had the ability to deliver such a panel. An order was then placed with us by C & M Builders for work to commence. We were tasked with fitting the external walls and roof for what would be a three bedroom penthouse, the internal walls were to be installed by the client. In order to meet the clients brief fully our designers worked closely with the architect and our structural engineer to produce a working solution.
Regal Carpentry were chosen to install the wall and roof sections which they completed in under a week despite problems at the site location due to space. We had originally planned to use a 35 tonne crane to lift the sections but had to find something more compact and manoeuvreable and hired in a Speirings self-erecting crane to do the job.


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