Self Build - Diben

  • Architect/ Main Contractor: Martin Diben
  • Client: Martin Diben
  • Site Location: Norfolk Broads
  • Project Type: Self Build
  • Build Cost:

The building site was situated close to a river and was prone to flooding. The property was therefore designed to sit on stilts to elevate it above ground level. The house was to be a 3-bedroom holiday home and was designed to take in the extensive views of the surrounding area by placing the living areas on the first floor with the bedrooms on the ground floor.

The client and his architect had produced engineering details for the property. Our designers were then required to work closely with the client to produce manufacturing drawings for the Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). The panels were manufactured at our factory and delivered to site. Unfortunately, due to the site being underwater for quite some time, the start of the build was delayed for several months.