The CNC machine is one of the most fundamental aspects of the structural insulated panel production process, using a numerical code for each design to transform blank SIP panels into unique panels which can be assigned to specific locations within a project

Our Rushden facility is the proud home of one of the largest five-axis CNC machines in the UK, occupying an impressive footprint of 22m x 8m. Using this machine, we can machine SIP wall and roof panels, as well as sections of CLT (cross-laminated timber) up to 450mm in thickness and 14.4m x 3.6m in height and width.

Whether we are providing a complete design to delivery service or a one-off machining service, our CNC machining capabilities enable us to produce a much more accurate panel than many other companies, increasing efficiency and productivity throughout the manufacturing process. By using this state-of-the-art machine, at Sips UK we have been able to find new and effective ways to produce panel cuts and detailed connections that were once not possible.

Get in touch to find out more about our CNC machine or any of our other manufacturing facilities.

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