As we have grown as a company, our capabilities have increased year on year, with our 27,000 sq. ft. factory being the ideal location for our manufacturing facilities.

Two 6.5 metre presses and one of the largest five-axis CNC machines in the country take pride of place in our factory. In these presses, liquid foam is injected between two sheets OSB where it auto adhesively bonds to the OSB and hardens to form a structural insulated panel. Meanwhile, the CNC machine cuts the panels to the exact shape and size needed for each project.

These manufacturing facilities enable us to produce blank SIPs ranging in thickness from 70mm to 245mm, and 2440mm to 6000mm in length. In addition to our standard SIP panels, supplied for both panel-only orders and full building solutions, the scope of our facilities means we are one of the only SIP manufacturers in the UK that produce curved panels, ideal for use on roofs in particular.

Every SIP panel we produce for our UK customers is manufactured in-house, making the most of the latest technologies to produce the highest-quality panels with the lowest impact on the environment. Find out more by getting in touch today.

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