Commercial Flats - Fortescue Avenue

  • Architect/ Main Contractor: 410 Architects/C & M Builders
  • Client:
  • Site Location: Fortescue Avenue, Hackney, London
  • Project Type: Commercial/Flats
  • Build Cost:

We were chosen above our competitors because of our unique ability to deliver a curved panel that could be fitted to the rear of the property, which would begin as a wall and finish as a roof. Our designers worked closely with the architect and our structural engineer to produce a solution that worked for the client’s brief.

We were tasked with fitting the external walls and roof for what would be a three-bedroom penthouse; internal walls were installed by the client. Regal Carpentry was chosen to install the wall and roof sections which they completed in under a week despite problems at the site due to lack of space. We had originally planned to use a 35-tonne crane to lift the sections but had to find something more compact and manoeuvrable and hired in a Speirings self-erecting crane to do the job instead.