Ion Science

  • Architect/ Main Contractor: Gary Johns Architects ? Synergy
  • Client: Ion Science
  • Site Location: Cambridgeshire
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Build Cost:

Sips UK worked closly with Gary Johns Architects and were appointed by The Synergy Group to supply and erect the structural shell of what was to be the Head Quarters and manufacturing facility for Ion Science. 

The building looked like a modern take on a traditional farm, thats to say a central courtyard with farm buildings around its perimeter which were a mix of single and two storey units many of which had large open spaces the larges of which was roughly 18 meters square

This was at the time of its build the largest one of property that we had manufactured and erected and had a footprint of roughly 50 meters square, the whole project went extreamly well from start to finish despite there being quite a number of awkwad details to get right