Self Build - Williams

  • Architect/ Main Contractor: Client
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  • Site Location:
  • Project Type: Self Build
  • Build Cost:

Our designers and structural engineer worked alongside the client to arrive at a design solution that truly suited our client’s needs. Our brief was to concentrate only on the first floor, as the ground floor and internal walls were of block construction to provide thermal mass.

The client was planning to fit 4Kw photovoltaic tiles to the roof at the rear of the building and it was therefore necessary for us to carefully calculate the angle of the slope that would capture the optimum amount of sunshine. It was also necessary to consider the roof of the kitchen area and calculate the ideal amount of overhang to fulfil the client’s specification. The requirement was for the sun to penetrate the building during the winter months to give added light and warmth, but avoid the sun shining into the building during high summer.

When a design solution was reached, we manufactured 175mm panels for both the walls and rood. We then arranged for one of our contractors to work alongside our client to assist him with the build.